Pool and Backyard Environment Design Services in West Michigan

Pool and backyard environment design is an art form. It requires passion and commitment on the part of the designer to constantly research and study the latest trends and technologies in water shaping, hydraulics, and international architectural design.

Our projects often start with a simple hand sketch, right there when we are meeting in your yard. From there, one of our designers will take elevations of your yard, photos of your house and surrounding area, and discuss your ideal at-home getaway. Using all of this information, our team will produce a 2D site plan, 3D screenshots, and a 3D flyover video of your project, so you can know exactly how your finished space will look during the daytime and at night, before we break ground!

Since 1987, we’ve been designing custom pools, spas, and overall backyard environments all around West Michigan and beyond. Our tools consist of water, mortar, rock, concrete, wood, the surroundings, landscaping, hardscaping, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, fire pits, lights, pergolas, furniture, pool houses, and more, all in concert with the home architecture, the surrounding area, the materials we work with, and the collective ideas of our team and you.

To capture our ideas down on paper, we use Pool Studio, a professional 3D design software created specifically for the swimming pool industry. Pool Studio’s unique “Instant 3D” design system allows us to create fully interactive 3D presentations for you, showing exactly what your final project will look like, and allowing for us to edit your design in real-time with you.

The Economy of Comprehensive Services

Because we do the most difficult projects and are at the forefront of our industry, you might think Blue Water is more expensive compared to other swimming pool contractors. But rarely that is the case.

When other pool contractors create proposals, they often bid on only part of the job, leaving key areas of electrical, hydraulic, or decking to other contractors. Their bids will seem low – until you add in the missing elements.

We find that most homeowners want a complete and total solution and a bid that encompasses the entire project. That’s what we do. By controlling all phases of design and construction, we reduce errors and scheduling problems that can quickly add up to the higher costs.

In fact, we’re the go-to resource for many of the prominent architects in the area, because of the way we skillfully manage the pools and water features from start to finish. It’s worry-free, and in perfect conjunction with the architectural design.

Water is not easy to master. But decades of experience have allowed us to be experts at this craft. We build aesthetically excellent projects that manage the flow, beauty and majesty of water, season after season. This gives our customers a level of excellence in construction and technology that is far beyond most contractors. We use advanced techniques and equipment to make sure we can perform even the most complex builds and construction, for any situation.

If you want a dependable swimming pool design and installation service that goes above and beyond common expectations, then Blue Water is the right choice for you. Call us at 616-341-6969 or use our contact form below. Our specialists are ready to help you dive into your dream project!

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