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An Automatic Pool Cover is a safety feature that also saves you on maintenance and utility costs

Automatic safety covers keep children and pets safe and away from the pool water. By having your pool covered when not in use, you can ensure a safer environment for the kids and other members of your family.
As an added benefit, automatic pool covers retain heat generated by the pool heater, thus increasing overall efficiency. It also reduces water evaporation, saving you from the hassle and costs of constant pool filtration and the use of chemicals to condition the water.

Last but not the least, it helps keep the yard and tree debris out of your pool, keeping it sparkling clean for your next swim.

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Hydramatic Pool Covers

On the surface, most pool covers look similar …but the most important part of any pool cover is the mechanism. That’s why pool professionals, architects, and designers worldwide have chosen and recognized the Hydramatic as the top-selling hydraulic automatic pool cover.

Hydramatic represents the best value for your pool investment. Designed to last for the entire lifetime of your pool, the Hydramatic is the most reliable cover on the market and comes with the most extensive warranty in the industry today.

Lift Lid

The Lift Lid is a uniquely engineered lid system ideal for any pool design, especially when the cover is located at the entry point of the pool. The Lift Lid system rests solidly on the lowered bond beam providing a completely stable, zero deflection walking surface that incorporates your pool coping or decking surround.

What is so unique about our Lift Lid system is that it hides the lowered bond beam along with the leading-edge bar of the cover. The cover vinyl is sandwiched between two nylon rails which also act as a water stop and blocks all pool water from splashing into the cover recess.

HydraLux Pool Covers

HydraLux is the most advanced pool cover system designed and manufactured by Aquamatic Cover Systems. It’s a European slate-style cover that incorporates proven Aquamatic hydraulic technology.

Since the HydraLux can be cut into any converging shape, you’ll have a variety of ways to incorporate it into your pool design.
Water features such as laminares and spa overflows can run while the cover is closed.

Aside from its wonderful aesthetics, the HydraLux also lets you save on pool operating costs by leveraging unique energy-saving properties. The HydraLux promises an expedited return on your investment by significantly reducing operating expenses while enhancing the overall look of your pool at the same time.

EZ Covers

With our Aquamatic EZ Cover, you can enjoy the safety and cost savings brought about by using an automatic pool cover at a cost-effective price. The EZ cover looks and moves like an automatic cover but without the hydraulic mechanism at about half the price.

The EZ Cover is the only manual safety cover than can be opened and closed by one person in one comfortable standing position. No ropes to pull, drills to engage, or crank to manhandle. It covers and/or uncovers most pools in 70 seconds on average. Our EZ Cover is ideal for the do-it-yourself homeowner.

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