Grand Rapids swimming pool installation

Grand Rapids swimming pool installation concept drawing

The Economy of Comprehensive Service

Because we do the most difficult projects and are in the forefront of our industry, you might think Blue Water Pools of Grand Rapids, Inc. is more expensive contractor for Grand Rapids swimming pool installation. Not necessarily, in fact, not usually. When other pool contractors bid, they often bid on part of the job, leaving key areas of electrical, hydraulic or decking to other contractors. Their bids seem low – until you add in the missing elements. We know that you want a total solution and a bid that encompasses the complete project. By controlling all phases of design and construction, we reduce errors and scheduling problems that can quickly add up to higher cost. Blue Water Pools is the go-to resource for many architects in the area because we skillfully manage the pools and water features from start to finish, worry-free and in perfect concert with the architectural design.

Grand Rapids swimming pool installationWater is not easy to master and that mastery is our strength.  We build aesthetically excellent projects that manage the flow and beauty and majesty of water, season after season. Our customers require a level of excellence in construction and technology that is far beyond most contractors. The specialists at Blue Water Pools use advanced techniques and equipment that is unlike equipment used any other kind of construction.

When it comes to your Grand Rapids swimming pool installation, Blue Water Pools is the right choice.  Our quality shows in every project by consistently exceeding our client’s expectations.  Contact us online or call 616-735-5514 (office) or 616-201-8889 (sales). Our friendly and helpful staff is here to help get your Grand Rapids swimming pool installation started!
Conceptual Drawing Grand Rapids swimming pool installation

The Gunite Story


Grand Rapids Gunite Swimming PoolsAll concrete pools are not created equal. There is pumped concrete, wet shotcrete and dry-mix gunite. Conventional concrete construction requires a wet concrete mix that can be pumped into forms. This is the least successful concrete pool material because the wet concrete has very few air bubbles, and small internal spaces are necessary to reduce cracking during extreme temperature changes. Learn more about Grand Rapids Gunite Swimming Pools.

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