With the change of seasons in and around Grand Rapids, inground swimming pools and water features need attention to make sure they can continue to bring enjoyment over the long term. Blue Water Pools of Grand Rapids, Inc. makes it easy to keep your pool, spa or water feature ready for any weather.  Pool maintenance, pool opening, and swimming pool closing is a worry-free service for Grand Rapids Inground Swimming Pools with Blue Water Pools.

Grand Rapids Inground Swimming Pools

Opening Your Pool

Hooray! It’s warm again.

Blue Water Pools makes start up as easy as a spring breeze. We handle all the heavy work, such as removal of any kind of cover, cleaning and folding it as necessary. We start the cleaning system, reinstall cleaning heads and cleaning zone valve. We drain and clean the catch pool. And, while we’re at it, we can restart the Powerfalls, waterfalls and deck jets too.  Grand Rapids Inground Swimming Pools have never been easier to care for than with pool opening from Blue Water Pools!Opening

Grand Rapids Pool Maintenance

The Blue Water Pools way.

When it’s time to use the pool, you want everything working right. No worries. Blue Water Pools can handle that. Choose from several maintenance packages to suit your budget. With any package you’ll be in good hands with Grand Rapids pool maintenance from Blue Water Pools!

All maintenance packages include a complete water sample analysis. The pool surface is skimmed and debris is removed. We check the filtration system and the filter is backwashed or changed as needed. The skimmer baskets, pump baskets and auto-cleaner bags are emptied. Any additional chemicals are added as necessary. We can brush the pool walls, vacuum the pool, maintain your hot tub and catch pool as well. Come on in, the water’s fine – thanks to Blue Water Pools.

Grand Rapids Inground Swimming Pool Maintenance

Pool Closings

Take the work out of swimming pool winterizing.

Blue Water Pools will empty all water from pool lines, add non-toxic anti-freeze, will plug your return skimmer lines, remove deck ladders, rails and underwater pool lights while securing your electrical services. We even attend to attached spas, bath house plumbing and fixtures to make the closing complete and trouble free. Winterizing Grand Rapids Inground swimming pools is easy with Blue Water Pools! Contact us online or call 616-735-5514 for questions and appointments.  Our friendly and helpful staff is here to make your pool maintenance worry-free.

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Grand Rapids Inground Swimming Pools with pool maintenance by Blue Water Pools