Grand Rapids concrete swimming poolsThe scope of projects you will find in this portfolio is remarkable collection of Grand Rapids concrete swimming pools and spas, from small, private spaces to vistas that open to the world. To create that variety requires a long list of specialized skills: stone cutter, electrician, chemist, hydraulics technician, carpenter, earth mover, designer, arborist, plumber, glazer, lighting tech, mason and a dozen more. These experts are all available to make your vision into reality through Blue Water Pools.

Each image in the portfolio is also a statement about a different kind of pleasure. Whether you want to kick back with massaging jets, build cardio endurance with laps, feel the exhilaration of a deep dive or share refreshments on a sunny deck, the possibilities are endless.

When you’re looking for Grand Rapids concrete swimming pools, spas, fountains, hot tubs, or vanishing edge pools, Blue Water Pools is the right choice.  Contact us online or call 616-735-5514 (office) or 616-450-1515 (sales) and our friendly and helpful staff is here to help get you one of the most amazing custom Grand Rapids concrete swimming pools around!

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Jump Rock Deep End
French Grey Hydrazzo with Black Dye - Pool with Attached Spa
Emerald Black River Rock
Blue and Green Quartz Blend
Double Sided Vanishing Edge Pool - Aegeon Green Quartz Blend
Steps and Sun Shelf
Hot Tub Benches and Steps
Silica Marcite with Blue Dye
Diving Platform with Falls
Custom Slide Entrance
Custom Man Made Slide
White Marcite on Cloudy Day
White Marcite on Cloudy Day 1
Full Length 40 Entry Steps
Free Form Swimout with Tile Inlay
Magenta Lighting with Fire
Glass Pool Wall with Deep Blue Lighting and Fire Burners
Fiber Optic Lighting
Deep Blue Lighting
Cool Blue Lighting
Vanishing Edge Hot tub and Pool - Bar Stools - Cool Blue Even Glo Lighting
Twin Fire Bowls Vanishing Edge Pool
Triple Burner Fire Pit
Purple Lighting Fountains 1
Purple Lighting Fountains
Free Form-Steps with Tile Inlays
Entry Steps Without Tile Inlay
Diagonal Cut or Cross Cut Entry Steps
Bench and Steps with Tile Inlays
Bar Stools with Tile Caps
Free Form Steps with Tile Inlays
White Spa Lighting
Stainless Steel Pool with Fiber Optic Lighting
Purple Power Lighting
Triple Burner Fire Pit 1
Man Made Custom Slide to Pool
Bubblers with Center Umbrella Stand
Vanishing Edge Wall
Vanishing Edge Wall Natural Stone
Vanishing Edge Pool
Vanishing Edge Pool with Fire Bowl Tower
Vanishing Edge Pool on Lake Michigan
Vanishing Edge Pool on Lake Michigan 1
Vanishing Edge Pool 1
Vanishing Edge Catch Pool
Vanishing Edge 40 ft Wall
Firefly Jets (2) 1
Raised Wall Power Falls
Raised Wall Power Falls 2
Raised Wall Power Falls 1
Raised Pool Wall with Powerfalls (3)
Power Falls with Fire Bowl Tower
Power Falls (3) in Raised Chilton Stone Wall
Natural Stone Power Falls
Vanishing Edge 35 ft Wall with Twin Towers
Vanishing Edge 18 x 38 Pool
Triple Vanishing Edge Pool - All Tile Walls
Fire Bowl with Water Feature
Chilton Stone Beach Entry with Rock Bench and Umbrella Stand
Bar Stools and Table
Badu Swim Jet System - Bar Stools
Slide and Jump Rock
Rock Jump Platform
Raised Pool Wall with Jump Rock
Swim Jets with Bar Stools
Pool and Catch Pool 30 x 50
Natural Stone Vanishing Edge Wall
Curved Vanishing Edge with Catch Pool and Lighitng
35ft Vanishing Edge Wall with Natural Granite Stone
22 x 50 Vanishing Edge Pool on Lake Michigan
20 x 40 Vanishing Edge Pool on Lake Michigan
Wading Pool with Tile Inlay Perimeter
Vanishing Edge Tile Spa
Twin Fire Bowls and Fire Pit
One-Meter Diving Board
Travertine Coping with Landscpaed Edge
Steps - Travertine Coping and Colored Concrete Decking
Stamped Concrete Coping and Decking
Paver Coping and Paver Decking
Steps - Paver Coping and Paver Decking 1
Natural Stone Coping and Paver Decking
Limestone Coping with Bluestone Decking
Limestone Coping and Colored Concrete
Limestone Coping and Brick Paver Decking
Granite Coping and Paver Decking
Granite Coping and Limestone Decking
Travertine Coping and Brick Paver Decking
Sandstone Quartz Blend - Free Form Pool 17 x 34
Free Form Pool 14 x 30
White Marcite - Free Form Pool 14 x 30 1
Vanishing Edge Hot tub and Pool - Bench, Swim Out, Tanning Shelf and Over Size Steps - Free Form Pool 30 x 50
Free Form Pool 26 x 50
Free Form Pool 22 x 50
Vanishing Edge Pool - Natural Stone Beach Entry - Free Form Pool with Hot Tub 20 x 40
Free Form Pool with Sun Shelf 18 x 36
Free Form Pool 20 x 40
Concrete Coping and Stamped Concrete Decking
Natural Stone Jump Rock - Chilton Stone Coping and Decking
Built into Hillside - Brick Coping and Paver Decking
Coping and Decking 2
Coping and Decking 1
Beach Entries with Steps
Auto Cover System 7
Auto Cover System 6
Auto Cover System 5
Auto Cover System 4
Auto Cover System 3
Auto Cover System 2
Coping and Decking 3
Coping and Decking 4
Blue Quartz - Brick Coping and Limestone Decking
Vanishing Edge Hot tub and Pool - Cottage on the Lake Pool
Natural Rock Outcropping on Pool Edge - Travertine Coping and Textured Concrete
Coping and Decking 10
Steps - Coping and Decking 9
Auto Cover System 9
Tile - Coping and Decking
Coping and Decking 6
Coping and Decking 5
Auto Cover System 1
18 x 36 Rectangle Pool with Bench
Retaining Walls and Pool Entry
Power Falls - Bench - Landscaping
Landscaped Edge Pool
Fire Pit with Seating Area
Steps and Bench - Fire Pit with Seating Area
Fire Pit with Bench Seating
Raised Spa Natural Stone Exterior and Cap
Raised Natural Granite Stone Hot Tub with Limestone Cap
Raised Hot Tub with Pool Tanning Shelf
Raised 8 x 8 Hot Tub
Limestone Walkway Over Pool
Pergola with Fireplace and BBQ Grill
Retaining Wall Built for Pool
Retaining Wall Along Pool
Raised Rock Mountain with Waterfalls
Raised Pool Retaining Wall 1
Raised Pool Elevation
Raised Natural Stone Fire Pit
Power Falls on Tiled Wall - Raised Landscape Bed
Pool Tower Fire Bowl
Hot Tub with Pergola
Hot Tub with Pergola 1
Vanishing Edge Pool 26 x 50
Roman Pool 16 x 32
Rectangle Pool with Sun Shelf 22 x 42
Rectangle Pool 22 x 42
Pool with Raised Wall 18 x 36
Pool with Powerfalls 18 x 36
Pool with Glass Wall and Vanishing Edge 26 x 50
Geometric Pool with Sun Shelf and Bench
Marcite - 20 x 40 Pool 75ft Lap Lane
Free Form Pool and Attached Hot Tub
Free Form Hot Tub - 6 Person
All Natural Stone Hot Tub
Natural Stone and Cap Hot Tub
Grass Edge Pool with Limestone Coping - 18 x 38 Rectangle Pool with Spa

Grand Rapids concrete swimming pools from Blue Water Pools Inc

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