GuniteAll concrete pools are not created equal. There is pumped concrete, wet shotcrete and dry-mix Gunite. Conventional concrete construction requires a wet concrete mix that can be pumped into forms. This is the least successful concrete pool material because the wet concrete has very few air bubbles, and small internal spaces are necessary to reduce cracking during extreme temperature changes. The most advanced application for pool construction involves high-pressure compressed air that “shoots” the concrete against the excavated surface – essentially, the hole prepared for the pool or spa – with no form. Grand Rapids Gunite Swimming Pools from Blue Waters Pools opens the doors to even more creativity in pool construction.

Grand Rapids Gunite Swimming Pools

The specialized equipment used to create these pools is unlike concrete construction machines used in other kinds of building. Our operators must undergo a long apprenticeship before they can use this advanced gear. And because the pool or spa uses no form, there is an art to “shooting” the concrete as well as an art to creating the excavation that provides the form. Although requiring a higher level of skill, this method opens the shape possibilities far beyond any other construction method.

634 MixelvatorHere in Michigan, with extreme freeze-thaw cycles, a special technology is needed to keep pools from cracking, flaking or spauling. The secret is air-entraining or creating a large number of micro-bubbles of air in the wet concrete as it is being applied. This is done with chemical additives as the cement is mixed on the high pressure equipment. These bubbles give water an escape path for moisture as it freezes and expands. Cracking is virtually eliminated. While Blue Water Pools builds many conventional shotcrete pools, it is our dry-mix Gunite pools that set us apart. Air-entrained Gunite is both light and strong. It is the most trouble-free of pools with a shell that almost never needs repair or attention. Grand Rapids Gunite swimming pools can be finished any number of ways The actual application requires highly skilled “nozzle-men” and no other pool company in the area offers this service.

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Grand Rapids Gunite Swimming Pools from Blue Water Pools